MIT has a long and rich history of taking complicated and sensitive topics related to diversity and inclusion and studying them in a rigorous manner. This work has resulted in significant reports to the MIT community that provide a roadmap and recommendations for tackling the issue at hand.

  1. Report on the Status of Undergraduate Women at MIT (February 2016)
  2. Report of the ICEO Ed Bertschinger, Advancing a Respectful and Caring Community: Learning by Doing at MIT (February 2015)
  3. Institute Reports (Office of the President) and President’s Letters to the Community 
  4. Chancellor’s Letters to Community 
  5. Reports of the Provost 
  6. MIT Faculty Reports 
  7. Faculty Resolution Concerning Underrepresented Minority Faculty and Graduate Student Recruitment and Retention (May 2004, MIT Certificates required)
  8. MIT Accreditation report (2009)
  9. MIT President’s Reports, 1872 – Present (MIT Archives)
  10. Future of MIT Education (July 2014)
  11. Presidential Transition Advisory Cabinet (PTAC) Report (May 2013)
  12. 2012 Diversity Summit Report (January 2012)
  13. A Report on the Status of Women Faculty in the Schools of Science and Engineering (March 2011)
  14. Faculty Policy Committee Statement on Representation of Minorities on the Faculty and in the Graduate Student Body (May 2004)
  15. Report on the Initiative for Faculty Race and Diversity (February 2010)
  16. Reports of the Committees on the Status of Women Faculty (March 2002) PDF
  17. Report of the Task Force on Student Life and Learning (September 1998)
  18. Report of the Committee on Educational Survey (Lewis Commission (1949)