MIT Community Resources

  • MindHandHeart Initiative
    Students, faculty, staff, and other experts are working together to launch promising new efforts that coordinate and improve support services and measure progress.
  • Humans of MIT Facebook page
    Inspired by Humans of New York, MIT students have created a portrait blog of life in the MIT community. The anonymous posting pages MIT Confessions and I Saw You MIT create different kinds of connections between students through their candor, humor, poignancy, and occasional incivility.
  • MIT Admissions blogging
    Wildly popular, these uncensored reflections by MIT students have impacted college admissions nationwide. See the News Office article
  • MIT Connect and Yammer
    Explore MIT through social media, including blogs and Twitter. Staff members have their own private social media network, Yammer.
  • The Tech
    Established in 1881, MIT’s oldest and largest newspaper is student-run and is also the first newspaper published on the web. It is widely read throughout the MIT community and effectively engages a variety of perspectives on topics of importance to students.
  • Faculty Newsletter
    Founded in 1988 by volunteers to provide a forum for sharing views on issues of concern to faculty, the Faculty Newsletter has become a valuable resource for everyone at MIT.
  • Random Faculty Dinners
    Since 1985, MIT has invited random groups of faculty to dinner monthly in the Emma Rogers Room to build community.
  • Undergraduate Association Student-Faculty Dinners
    The Undergraduate Association Committee on Education pays for groups of three to six students to dine with a professor.
  • MIT Women’s League
    The MIT Women’s League is a social and service organization founded in 1913 to foster connections among women at the Institute. Its breakfast talks and international wives’ dinner events are very popular. The Women’s League initiated the ESL for Service Employees program, and it provides scholarships to undergraduate women.
  • Margaret Cheney Room
    The Margaret Cheney Room was established in 1882 as a safe space to promote community and empower all women students at MIT.
  • One Community Room
    The chancellor and ombuds created a community space, the One Community Room (8-219), as a private and safe space intended to help build community at MIT. It may be reserved by individuals or by groups whose focus is fostering a sense of belonging and unity on the MIT campus. [News Office article]
    MIT Emergency Medical Services is a student group that operates the MIT ambulance and trains community members to become emergency medical technicians.
  • The MIT Board of Chaplains and the Addir Fellows Program
    The chaplains at MIT, representing many of the world’s religions, serve both their own religious communities and the MIT community at large. The Addir Fellows Program brings together students and everyone in the MIT community to build bridges of dialogue and understanding about different religious faiths.