Active Bystander Videos

The MIT Sloan School offers workshops to MBA students, who have, over the last two decades, built a portfolio of active bystander videos and diversity teaching materials by creating a set of 3-5 minute videos.

These videos present skits illustrating effective ways that active bystanders can respond in situations involving discrimination (race, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin), academic integrity violations, substance abuse, and bullying. They show positive interventions taken by bystanders such as micro-affirmations— “apparently small acts, which are often ephemeral and hard-to-see, events that are public and private, often unconscious but very effective, which occur wherever people wish to help others to succeed.” The videos will serve as diversity, leadership and ethics-related teaching materials at Sloan and elsewhere at MIT.

The MIT Sloan School of Management’s Diversity and Community Committee partnered with professors Mary Rowe (MIT Ombuds Office), MIT Sloan Deputy Dean JoAnne Yates, Maureen Scully (University of Massachusetts, Boston, formerly at MIT Sloan), Debbie Berechman, executive director of the MBA program, and David Chotin, MBA program administrative assistant, worked with the two professors and nine dedicated students to create several more bystander videos.

Many of the videos were multi-faceted to provide richer teaching potential, such as “layering a situation” with power or gender dynamics.

View the videos (MIT Certificates required). If you have questions about getting access to these videos, please contact the MIT Sloan Technology Help Desk.