News – 2020

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MIT’s Environment, Health & Safety Office is offering resources, training, and support for Remote Work during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

MIT EHS is offering the MIT community workplace ergonomics resources, assessment tools, and safety guidance for remote work.

Moya Bailey, Jamie Macbeth, Ben McDonald, Luis Gilberto Murillo-Urrutia, Charles Senteio, Thomas Searles, and Patricia Saulis. Credits:Images courtesy of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professors and Scholars Program

MIT hosts seven distinguished MLK Professors and Scholars for 2020-21

Honorees will engage in the life of the Institute through teaching, research, and other interactions with the MIT community.

“I really don’t think of myself as a researcher,” third-year PhD candidate Kevin Lee says. “I’m first and foremost an organizer. That’s where I gained my purpose. That’s where I learned what love is in its most unconditional and revolutionary form.” Credits:Photo: Adam Glanzman

Listening to immigrant and indigenous Pacific Islander voices

As a community activist and scholar, PhD candidate Kevin Lee has a lot on his plate. But “when things matter so deeply in your bones, the energy just comes,” he says.

Emma J. Teng is the T.T. and Wei Fong Chao Professor of Asian Civilizations at MIT and director of MIT Global Languages.

3 Questions: Historian Emma Teng on face masks as 公德心

“Doing something for the community good is good for me also” is known as gongdexin (in Mandarin), kootokushin (in Japanese), and kongdokshim (in Korean).

A Tokyo Tech student explains what she has learned about MIT.

Fostering friendships and films from across the globe

MISTI program connects MIT and Tokyo Tech students for an impactful summer experience.

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A 5-part framework for talking about racism at work

Workplace conversations on race and racism can be tough. With a willingness to listen and validate, and acceptance that learning can be uncomfortable, those conversations can be easier and productive.

Dayna Cunningham is the executive director of MIT CoLab.

3 Questions: Dayna Cunningham on urban planning's role in racial and social justice

Community Innovators Lab will provide hands-on, field-based training to students seeking to address the underlying causes of urban crisis.

MIT professor Azra Akšamija is an uncommonly versatile artist, architect, and scholar whose work explores cultural identity and conflict.

Rebuilding cultures through art, design, and community

Once displaced by war, MIT’s Azra Akšamija creates works of cultural resilience in the face of social conflict.

More than 1,000 people participated in MIT’s Day of Dialogue, a day meant to inspire conversation, reflection, and activism in spurring anti-racism.

Building empathy and sharing wisdom on MIT’s Day of Dialogue

With more than 1,000 participants, daylong event encourages anti-racism conversations in the MIT community.

MIT’s Day of Dialogue committee co-chairs Jason McKnight, left, and La-Tarri Canty.

3 Questions: La-Tarri Canty and Jason McKnight on dismantling racism

Co-chairs of MIT’s Day of Dialogue committee share their hopes for the Aug. 5 event.

Professor Hazel Sive (front, second from left) visits Tshimologing, a digitial innovation precinct in Johannesburg, South Africa, with some 2019 Global Startup Labs participants.

MIT-Wits Program continues to thrive

University of the Witwatersrand partnership, one of MIT’s most active programs in Africa, extends beyond international travel.

MIT's new captioning and accessibility website includes guidelines and tools for captioning media, as well as training and other resources for staff and MIT affiliates who post or have posted media that needs captioning (certificates required).

MIT launches website to help with captioning media content

Website, online tools will help MIT fulfill National Association of the Deaf lawsuit settlement terms.

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When It Comes to Culture, Does Your Company Walk the Talk?

Company practices often conflict with corporate values. Closing the gap starts with communication.

Hannah Clark Steiman, MBA ’13, COO Peak Support

Why this COO starts small when building a diverse team

“It’s never a coincidence; if the senior leadership is dominated by white, cisgender men, that’s happening for a reason.”

Md Sami Hasnine was instrumental in launching the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Seminar Series.

A voice for diversity, equity, and inclusion in civil and environmental engineering

Postdoc Md Sami Hasnine's work has been instrumental in forming CEE’s DEI committee.

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ICE rescinds rule on international students and online learning

President L. Rafael Reif reflects on the decision to withdraw the July 6th policy from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Universities support MIT and Harvard in legal action against ICE visa policy

Multiple institutions have joined effort to block policy that would bar thousands of foreign students.

MIT economist David Autor has produced a new study showing that Blacks and Hispanics are particularly affected by the decline in middle-class urban jobs in recent decades.

The urban job escalator has stopped moving

Study shows cities have stopped providing middle-class work in recent decades — especially for Black and Latino workers.

Through research trips to the remote Bolivian rainforest, researchers in the McDermott lab at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research has found that aspects of the perception of note combinations may be universal.

Universal musical harmony

Acoustic and biological constraints shape how we hear harmony across cultures.

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Letter regarding efforts to address systemic racism at MIT

The following letter was sent to the MIT community today by President L. Rafael Reif.