Institute Diversity Summit 2015

The 2015 DIVERSITY SUMMIT took place over two days, with participation of MIT’s senior leadership in Panels and Presentations, as well as a series of WORKSHOPS involving the MIT community.

The 2015 Diversity Summit continues to build upon our tradition of educating our community and providing opportunities to discuss this important topic in a candid and thought-provoking manner.

Diversity Summit Day 1

Ed Bertschinger, Keynote at the Diversity Summit, January 29th from 1-2 pm.

Commitment Comments from Audience Note Cards and Twitter

I will commit to putting others needs above my own. I will commit to treating everyone equally regardless of status, race, gender, sexual orientation, or position.
I will do a better job at speaking with students and getting to know them when they come to a 10am event I have organized.
I will invite new faculty in my department (individually) out to lunch and welcome them.
I will try to promote a culture inclusive of wellness rather than of overwork.
I will be more patient and avoid being overly judgmental.
I will treat my colleagues, students, and the staff members of my department like the holistic human beings they are; we’re not only employees and students, after all.
I want to see each member of my office, in person, each day.
I will check in with team members regularly to see how they are doing personally.
I will set healthy work life balance and boundaries not only for my team and myself by not sending emails after 6pm, before 7am or over the weekend with heavy expectation. I will show more appreciation for my team (if an emergency) they work after work hours/over the weekend.
From now on, every time I hear someone making a sexist/racist/homophobic remark – I will challenge them and address the issue directly.
I will work to continue to support and encourage young staff on how to positively navigate their careers at MIT, professionally & financially.
I will make getting to know my colleagues as people, not just as coworkers. I will assume good intent.
I will share what I learn at the Active Bystander session with my team and my peers and invite them to collaborate on a video.
I will be more mindful of how my interactions with students may come across.
I will encourage our staff to foster a respectful and caring community.
I will be supportive of all individuals and helps as I can.
I will listen with respect and without interruptions.
Take the 1LX1 online class.
Say hello to people I walk by in their office. Attend the 1LX1 Inclusive leadership training course (4 weeks, 2/16)
Attend diversity events and help, such as the ‘Breaking the Mold’ conference.
Promote Diversity within my units/facilities. I will commit to educate others on the importance of creating a diverse workforce.
Take Inclusive Leadership course. Encourage faculty to bear these principles in mind when making decisions about postdoc opportunities.
I will work to create safe and comfortable environments around me by being open and honest with my friends and coworkers
I will take the 4-hour online class. I will get up and talk to my team members in person rather than relying solely on email.
I will speak up for anything that is obviously wrong. I’ll keep a log of when I speak up and review it each Friday to see how I am doing.
In my department, we will consider creating a department wide initiative to make a bystander video.
In my department, we will consider offering the edX class as a shared learning class for employees together.
I will ensure my staff have the opportunity to receive Title IX training.
I will seek out others at MIT who might be less well represented than myself to learn about their experience in the MIT community.
In team discussions, I will try to be a better listener and encourage my teammates more. I will talk to each freshman in our dorm for at least half an hour about how their semester goes and if they have any problems or concerns at school.
I will learn to speak up when others are put down.
I will stop to think before making assumptions about new people I meet.
I will make kindness and don’t judge a book by its cover daily goals.
I will make greater efforts to seek input from my team – all members.
I will model work-life balance by not sending work-related emails after 6:00pm (or maybe 7:00pm).
Identify my own bias and be able to tell others about it to fix it and make an example.
Seek out colleagues I don’t know and new colleagues to have positive conversations.
Make space for/encourage quieter members of groups to talk.
I will be open to learning about others’ experiences to avoid assumptions. I will be kind and open with all at MIT.
Be more open to ideas as it relates to our recruitment efforts, as well as diversify our recruitment efforts.
I will continue to present a human, vulnerable, real face to my advisees and colleagues and students and staff members.
I will listen carefully and with openness to what each person says, valuing their ideas and perspective and embracing differences as opportunities for understanding, learning, and community building.
Be careful and considerate listening to my colleagues.
I will more regularly ask my colleagues and students about how they are doing and how they are feeling.
Offer Innovation tournament workshops to members of MIT diversity group this spring.
I will challenge culture of overwork as a teacher and strategize with fellow instructors to do the same.
More face-to-face conversations – less email.
Always commit to a job well done.
Take inclusive leadership course.
Continue to have dialogues around difficult topics that no one wants to talk about with a goal to generate ideas and solutions for positive change.
.I will actively encourage my colleagues to participate in diversity related events/discussions.
I will connect with colleagues who are stressed or appear troubled, just to say “I’m thinking of you” and offer to listen.
Work to speak up for others. Commit to the MIT compact; help develop a compact in my own department. Encourage staff to participate in diversity and inclusion workshops and events. Support the students and show them a respectful and caring community.
Listen to my faculty and make time for face-to-face- conversation.
I will make an effort to interact with my colleagues located across campus, rather than relying on colleagues in my building.
Help others by talking to them to be proactive about Diversity and Inclusion@MIT.
I will watch some of the Sloan videos and share/discuss them with my faculty.
Be a better listener.
I will try to offer one micro-affirmation and hour in person, on email, or on the telephone during waking hours.
I will provide a safe space for those who do not feel welcome in the community.
Recognize people for their accomplishments and everyday things
Show warmth and caring to someone I don’t know but appears to need it.
Become a better active bystander and speak up.
I will take the edX Inclusive leadership training course.
I will commit to going into the office area of my staffing and greeting them individual. I will commit to walking the halls once a week and greeting those I come in contact with.
I will teach the ‘Situational Leadership’ class at least once.
I will encourage employees to take regular lunch breaks to refresh their energy.
I will model a healthy work-life balance and be the best human I can be, not superhuman.
I will challenge the ‘work till you drop’ culture. I will mentor students both in and out of class.
I will check-in with my colleagues if they have a rough day instead of saying ‘it is none of my business.’
I will seek a mentor.
I strive to listen to and address concerns people voice regarding what they view as inequitable treatment.
I will communicate in person with other members of the department.
I will try to learn about coworkers from other cultures (not about the work but about them).
I will take the inclusive Leadership training course.
Personal commitment to sharing and caring.
Promote and foster respectful meetings to ensure all are heard.
I will take the 4-hour online inclusive leadership class. I will mentor a woman who is early in her career at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
I will be sure to mentor in ways non-academic to students who work in my office and get to know them in a fuller sense.
I will commit to getting enough sleep on a daily basis, and talk about how great it is and feels.
Make a commitment to mentor and support women staff and students.
I will support my colleagues when they share experience and perspectives that are different from my own.
Take time to recognize and celebrate staff contributions, large and small.
I will seek a mentor and continue to expand my MIT network.
I commit to taking the ILX1 course. I commit to being open to all by greeting everyone with a smile and sincere handshake.
I will speak up with empathy when I hear inappropriate or biased remarks expressed in my presence at MIT.
I will attend a grad student event to get acquainted with and offer support to different/diverse grad student groups.
I will find ways to examine and address moments of inequity discomfort among colleagues.
I will make an effort to meet in person colleagues with whom I generally only correspond with via email. I will speak up /support others in identifying implicit biases in our work environment.
I will seek out opportunities to mentor SHASS undergraduate students.
I will speak up if I see something that I do not believe to be fair.
I will show up at more department wide events and introduce myself to some people I don’t know.
I will treat everyone with respect regardless of their position at MIT.
I will make a point of saying ‘Hi’ and smiling at everyone I pass of campus. You never know how much of an impact that simple action can be.
I will try my best to learn about my unconscious biases and actively work to address them.
Acknowledge good work or action of other staff in my department (to individuals themselves) and at management team meetings.
I will keep an eye out for colleagues who seem regularly lonely or isolated and take steps to encourage their inclusion.
I will do my best to live up to MR8’s mission of “No more hurting people; Peace” by being the most constructive colleague and educator I can be, e.g. by resisting the temptation to be haughty, dismissive, or intimidating by performing my own intelligence in my comfort zone.
I will attend the EdX course on inclusive leadership.
I will share what I’m taking away today with my department colleagues. A caring and respectful community needs to involve everyone, particularly top to down – lip service would be status quo, more of the same.
Take the ILX class. Make a better effort to learn people’s names. Take the conflict resolution training.
I will learn to speak up when others are put down and value the opinions of students, faculty, and staff equally.
I will take time out of my schedule to meet with underclassmen and talk about what IÕve learned at MIT. I will be there to support them and remind them that their health & happiness comes first.
I pledge to: Connect the Card Office and Registrar Office to allow MIT students (grad and undergrad) the ability to use an administrative name (rather than legal name) on their MIT ID cards. This will save lots of time and money for trans students and will help create a space on campus from them (and others) to be treated with more respect.
Encourage a discussion of unconscious biases and micro-aggressions with my staff.
Introduce myself to others who I don’t know.
Listen more – talk less. Ask more questions, not always give answers.
My personal commitments as to participate in EdX ILX1 course and look for opportunities to model being a respectful and caring leader.
I commit to challenging inappropriate, offensive or belittling comments made in my presence.
I will make more time to talk to those in the work environment and to show the care that I feel. The workload often prevents me from reaching out as I might like.
Teach about differences in male and female communications patterns in meetings. Mentor graduate students and undergraduate students who are women and URM. Try to downplay culture of constant work.
I will check in frequently with new employees and ask if they need anything or have any questions.
I will commit to extend an invitation to department co-workers to join me at MLK luncheon.
I will commit to listening more mindfully and thoughtfully.
I will actively engage new professionals to share their experiences at MIT with senior leaders in my area.
I commit to promote a culture of caring by reaching out to people and letting them know I care simply by asking them how they are doing and listening attentively.
I will include this issue in all my performance reviews, asking each of my reports to consider what s/he can do and what I can do to foster a respectful and caring community.
I will tell my favorite people at MIT that they are my favorite people at MIT and why.
I commit to listen first.
I will not send email to colleagues on weekends and nights.
Being an alum, I commit to talk with undergrads and grads to commit themselves as they leave MIT to a culture of respect and appreciation for others whether they are new colleagues, contacts, etc. That should also be part of the MIT brand!
I will use more microaffirmations to show appreciation for those around me
I commit do doing less, not more, in order to reduce stress on myself and others.
I will look up from my phone more often and be present.
I will listen with openness to what each person says, embracing differences as opportunities for learning and understanding.
Challenge myself to explore and deconstruct my own prejudices every day

Diversity Summit Day 2

Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart, Executive Vice President and Treasurer Israel Ruiz, and Provost Martin Schmidt.

Keynote Speaker Professor Renée Richardson Gosline, MIT Sloan, on Diversity and Mindful Leadership – At MIT and in the World.