Events – 2020

Winona LaDuke

MIT Forum for Equity: An Indigenous Green New Deal

Tuesday, November 17 @ 3:00pm EST

Via MIT Infinite Connection

Open to those with an Infinite Connection login.

Thomas Searles, PhD

MLK Visiting Scholar Luncheon: Thomas Searles, PhD on "Vibranium-like" Materials

Thursday, November 12 @ 12:00pm EST

Via Zoom

In this guest lecture exploring “vibranium-like" materials, MLK Scholar Thomas Searles will introduce the physical properties of these materials to give real-world examples of superconductivity, flexible electronics and photonics and energy storage/transfer.

Duke Redbird

Dish with One Spoon: in Conversation with Duke Redbird

Tuesday, November 10 @ 12:00pm EST

Via Zoom

As part of the Inaugural Indigenous Digital Delegation at MIT, Elder Dr. Duke Redbird (Ojibway) will present a keynote talk titled “Dish with One Spoon”.

ICEO Community Dialogues Hiding in Plain Sight Confronting Implicit Bias

ICEO Community Dialogues - Hiding in Plain Sight

Monday, November 9 @ 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST

Via Zoom

Managing implicit bias in ourselves & our workplaces.

MLK Visiting Scholar Patricia Saulis will feature clips of Mikmaq Elders speaking and provide some perspective on how their work could be brought forward in discussions of Environmental Justice and Media.

Creating Space for Balance: Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science — Two-Eyed Seeing — in Environmental Justice and Media

Thursday, November 5 @ 5:00pm EST

Live Stream

Featuring Patricia Saulis, MLK Visiting Scholar, Executive Director of the Maliseet Nation Conservation Council, and a member of the Maliseet tribe of Indigenous people

Pamela Newkirk, headshot

Doing Diversity: A Road Map to Change

Thursday, November 5 @ 2:00pm

Via Zoom

"Pamela Newkirk has written the far-reaching and crisply worded book I had been waiting to read. Cheap diversity statements and costly diversity consultants are not working and Newkirk explains precisely why. Institutions can do better and Diversity, Inc., explains precisely how."―Ibram X. Kendi, 

Two people talking in a cafe, backlit

Bridging Divides around US Politics: Creating Change in How We Engage With Each Other

Thursday, October 29 @ 4:00pm EST

Monday, November 9 @ 4:00pm EST

Virtual Events

This hands-on workshop is for people who wish conversations and interactions between people who disagree politically could be more constructive, especially on social media. This workshop is also for anyone who wonders whether it is possible to have constructive conversations -- and whether it is even worth having constructive conversations.

Hugo Caicedo

Dr. Hugo Caicedo: African South Americans

Wednesday, October 28 @ 12:00pm EST

Via Zoom

Dr. Hugo Caicedo is a fellow at MIT and Harvard focused on next generation business models and strategies for healthcare

BCAP Logo, hands

BCAP: Hands Connecting Mind and Heart

Saturday, October 23 @ 3:00pm


Join MIT students, families, alumni, administrators and other community members to celebrate students making a better world in underserved communities of color.