Managing With Fairness: The Role of People Analytics.

Managing With Fairness: The Role of People Analytics.

with MIT Sloan

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Thursday, December 10 @ 5:00pm EST

Virtual Event

On Thursday, Dec. 10th, from 5-6:30 p.m., there will be a virtual panel discussion at MIT Sloan on the topic of “Managing With Fairness: The Role of People Analytics.”  The event will feature expert panelists Jennifer Kurkoski, Director, People Analytics at Google; MIT Sloan alumna Stephanie Lampkin, CEO and Founder of Blendoor, a company that uses augmented intelligence and people analytics to try to help overcome unconscious biases in hiring; and MIT Sloan Professor Emilio Castilla, who teaches a course on people analytics and researches how key decision makers and organizational processes influence and bias outcomes in the workplace. The discussion should be quite interesting and will cover topics such as:

  • What does the term people analytics mean in practice?
  • How are companies and organizations currently using people analytics to manage their talent and workforce?
  • How can managers effectively leverage people analytics to promote equity and fairness in the workplace?
  • What are the ethical considerations managers should keep in mind when employing people analytics?

People can register for this event here:

The event is open to the MIT community and the public. The Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative is sponsoring this event in partnership with the MIT Sloan People & Organizations Club and the MIT Sloan Student Life Office, and the discussion will be moderated by students from the People & Organizations Club.