Managing for Equity: Debunking the Skills Gap Myth

Managing for Equity: Debunking the Skills Gap Myth

MIT Sloan

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Wednesday, October 21 @ 5:00pm EST

Virtual Event

Do businesses face a skills gap - workers lacking the skills that employers require? Or do workers face an opportunity gap - systemic exclusion from access to education, social networks, and high quality job opportunities?

Although the COVID-19 economic shock has left millions of Americans without jobs, The World Economic Forum observes, "the skills gap [is now] broader and the need to close it more urgent.”

With business leaders continuing to cite difficulties finding “qualified” workers with the right skills, we ask: Are we stigmatizing individuals for the failure of a system? What management practices can we, as future business leaders, apply to meet organizational needs while promoting equity in the labor market?

Join us for a candid discussion of these questions with three inspiring leaders who are committed to bridging the skills and opportunity gaps from both workforce and employer perspectives by investing in training, hiring inclusively, and empowering workers.

- Amanda Cage (CEO of National Fund for Workforce Solutions)
- Fred Goff (Founder & CEO of Jobcase Inc.)
- Deepti Rohatgi (Head of Slack for Good and Public Affairs Slack)

This event is part of a series titled Redefining Management: Leadership for Social Progress in Troubled Times, brought to you by MIT Sloan's People & Organizations Club, Good Companies Good Jobs Initiative, and the Student Life Office.

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