STEM IQ (Inclusive Intelligence)

STEM IQ (Inclusive Intelligence)

Leveraging Classroom and Campus Inclusion for Engagement, Collaboration, and Education

Thursday, October 3rd
Mezzanine Lounge W20-307

Presentation will address the intentional, deliberate, and proactive acts that increase institutional inclusive intelligence by making people feel they “belong” and are “uniquely” valued. IQ is based on the idea that when inclusive behaviors are repeated and reinforced in an organization, thus becoming habits, the culture becomes increasingly inclusive and employees are engaged. Inclusive intelligence is built on the habits of being fair, open, cooperative, supportive, and empowering. If you do not intentionally, deliberately, and proactively include, you unintentionally exclude.

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Refreshments will be served.

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Co-sponsored by the Office of Minority Education, Institute Community and Equity Office, Office of Multicultural Programs, Human Resources, and MIT Libraries