Designing a More Accessible Workplace

Designing a More Accessible Workplace

April 24, from 12-1pm in 9-255.

In this workshop, Dan Berstein of MHMediate will lead participants through an interactive process of learning the philosophy of Universal Design and then applying it to their communication and work processes.

Universal Design as a philosophy has the potential to allow for broad accessibility without forcing people with disabilities to self-identify or ask for special treatment. Moreover, the ideal is that it will benefit individuals of various abilities who have different ways of accessing services for a variety of reasons throughout their lives.

Through their engagement in the workshop activities, participants will be able to apply seven universal design principles to their communication and work processes to improve how they support people of all abilities.

Lunch will be provided. Vegetarian options will be available.

Please note: We want this event to be fully accessible to everyone who wants to attend. If there are more than 30 participants, microphones will be used. Please let us know if there’s anything you need to participate fully in this event by e-mailing us at

Brought to you by the Disabilities ERG and the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT.