Brainstorming Hackathon

Brainstorming Hackathon

Yobility And Sensing For All (Msa) Connecting Patients And The Community

Where: MIT Sloan E62-room 233

When: Sunday April 28th, 2019

8:00 AM-8:00 PM

The “Hacking for Mobility and Sensing (MSA)” event will be held on April 28th, 2019, Sunday. This one-day event is a great opportunity for connecting patients with physical disabilities and bright minds from our communities to bring solutions for painpoints of people living with disabilities. It aims to create opportunities for broader inclusion of people who have different types of sensing or mobility challenges, both in developed and developing countries. In this event people with technical and non-technical backgrounds will get together in an inspiring environment to brainstorm about projects that address challenges related to physical disabilities.

All meals during the event will be served free of charge. Videos and testimonies of patients suffering from limitations related to their conditions should set the stage for broader discussions on projects whose layout should be developed in teams during the Hackathon event. Prize(s) will be given to the best project(s).

Outcomes of this event should impact and change lives of others to the better.

Where: MIT Sloan School of Management Building E62-Room 233


100 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

When: Sunday, April 28th, 2019 8:00 AM-8:00 PM (7:00-8:00 AM - Registration)


“Hacking for Mobility and Sensing (MSA)” is a student-led initiative at MIT Sloan that has as its mission of improving the quality of life and inclusion in the society of individuals living with physical disabilities.


Outcomes of this event should impact and change lives of others to the better.

Through this event we are engaging the community with physical disabilities to participate in the event and "tell their story" / share their challenges with people who can help them. We are also engaging students, professors and scientists who have been working on projects to assist people with physical disabilities to come over to share their ideas and brainstorm on strategies to improve their work.


Groups will work through different challenges for people with physical disabilities aiming at solving painpoints that are common to different people.

There will be four categories of participants in the event:

(1) PEOPLE WITH PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: Some struggle with problems for which technological solutions can be helpful and others have overcome some challenges and want to share with others how they did it;

(2) HACKERS: MIT scientists / professors, students, researchers, designers, data / robotics' scientists, health care professionals (physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, EMT, etc) social workers, entrepreneurs, marketing and business people who are open to brainstorm on models to solve problems.

(3) MENTORS: People who have expertise in an area of knowledge interest of the event.

(4) PRODUCERS OF MEDICAL ASSISTIVE DEVICES: Producers of assistive devices who can pitch for problems that they were unable to solve by themselves.


We hope the patients’ stories of challenges as well as pioneer projects of participants can inspire participants to:

1) Think of ways to technically improve existing projects, or

2) Use this information as a seed for innovative ("out-of-the-box") ideas.


Winner certificates will be given. Top prize is $2,500 USD.

The final outcome of the event by the participants will be the outline of a project that is an innovative idea or that builds upon an existing project refining it / improving it.

Ideally the outcomes of the best projects of this Hackathon would receive further input and refinement in a future MIT class or through entrepreneurship consulting and be transformed into a final product layout afterwards.