Founding of the Black Students Union at MIT

Founding of the Black Students Union at MIT

Saturday, 24 February 2018
3:30-7:30  Building 6-120

Panelists and the President of Walt Disney Imagineering will set fire to the imagination of MIT students and other audience members by sharing their life stories in- and outside of STEM.  They will ignite conversation about the myriad career journeys that an MIT degree can launch. Their work and lives are what dreams are made of, and they just might illuminate the map for your STEM path!

3:30-4:15 Panel 1

Faculty and alums who have pursued STEM careers and made remarkable accomplishments, including induction into STEM academies. And was there life outside the classroom or the lab–you better believe it!  Come listen and get your questions ready—the after-panels Q&A should be very enjoyable!

Moderator:        Prof. Paula Hammond, ChemE.

Prof. Wesley Harris, Aero/Astro
Prof. Jim Gates, Physics, Brown University
Dr. Aprille Ericsson, NASA
Dr. Melissa A. Smith, MIT Lincoln Labs (Chemical, Microsystem, Nanoscale Technologies).

4:20-5:05 Panel 2

Faculty and alums who have pursued careers outside of the usual STEM areas and enjoyed taking paths not expected from a STEM degree.  “The road not taken” just might be the one you really want!

Moderator:        Dr. Robbin Chapman, EECS, educator, entrepreneur, academic leader.

Panelists:          Mr. Colin “Topper” Carew, Architecture/Environmental Design.  Producer. Director.

                            Mr. Louis Fouché, Physics, ChemE. Jazz Saxophonist, Late Night Stephen Colbert show.

                            Prof. Melissa Amah Edoh, HASTS.  Global Studies and Language.

                            Dr. Kelvin Frazier, MIT Crs.15.  Sirius XM R&B Artist.

5:15-5:45  Special Presentation by Mr. Bob Weis, President, Walt Disney Imagineering

A magical place where creativity flourishes and dreams come to life, Walt Disney Imagineering forms integrated teams from 142 disciplines.  They come together to create the magic of screen and stage, tapping the imagination of real-world, real-life people from almost every discipline that one could study, including the STEM areas.  How does one choose which path to travel?  How can you know which discipline might suit you best?  What can people do who know what you know?  Are there really fairy godmothers who could guide you?  Bring all of your questions and imaginings to the conversation and surprise yourself with what you might learn!

5:45-6:30  Q&A

Don’t miss this!  It’s your chance to peek through the looking glass and look down the rabbit hole at what could be!  In this interactive conversation with Bob Weis and all of the panelists, your imagination is unfettered and you can dare to explore possible turns that your career paths might take!

6:30-7:30  Reception (Lobby of 6-120)

Mingle with the panelists and audience members.  Throw caution to the wind and ask the crazy questions!  Don’t forget to get the business cards!

8:00     Everyone is invited to the 50th anniversary recital of Prof. Marcus Thompson.  Let the music soothe the savage beast in you that’s wondering which path to take—for now!

Kresge Auditorium.  Please enjoy!