Community Dialogue with MIT Police

Community Dialogue with MIT Police

October 12, 2017 @ 11:45 am - 1:00 pm
MIT Stratton Student Center - Room W20-307

11:45am-1pm: Luncheon and discussion

Who are our MIT Police? We see them ensuring safety on campus whether patrolling in police cars, stopping traffic at crosswalks, walking the halls of the main group, or providing security at campus events. But how much do we know about people who call W89 home? Do we see beyond the badge and uniform? For some, those symbols are comforting, for others they induce anxiety or distress.

As members of a community committed to inclusion we must strive to build greater understanding, learn about different perspectives, and establish trust across differences. Come meet our police officers, exchange ideas, share experiences, and ask questions.

The MIT Police is committed to serving the MIT Community. The commitment is best served when members of our community, police included, know, understand, and value each other.  Please join us. Hot lunch will be served.

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