Getting to Know You: Learning How to Learn About Each Other

Getting to Know You: Learning How to Learn About Each Other

October 27, 2016 @ 11:45 am - 1:00 pm

There’s a boy in my dorm who’s a Sikh.  I would love to learn more what he believes and how he worships, but I’m embarrassed to ask.” – an MIT undergraduate

“Being a Zoroastrian is basically an opportunity to meet people who’ve never met a Zoroastrian before, every single day – every single moment.” – an MIT alumnus

“As a Korean-adoptee raised by an Irish-American family, I’ve often felt simultaneously shy and curious about Korean-Americans and Koreans at MIT.   I’m usually too uncomfortable to ask questions about it because it seems somewhat foolish that someone who looks like me would be so ignorant about their own background.” – an MIT staff member

Working or studying in a diverse environment like MIT’s presents each of us with dozens of opportunities to learn from and about each other; it also can create unexpected frictions and pressures.   Where’s the invisible line between asking a simple question and prying?  How can we invite our colleagues and friends to tell us about their worlds without expecting them to bear the burden of teaching us?  This dialog will give participants an opportunity to share their experiences of invitations to share – both the ones that felt good and the ones that might have gone better. 

Lunch is served at 11:45am on October 27, 2016

Location:  Lobby 13

The event is open to all MIT community members. To ensure there are enough lunches, please RSVP to Shauna Bush-Fenty,, and indicate if you have any dietary restrictions or need any accommodations.

Sponsored by the MIT Libraries and the ICEO.