Diversity Timeline Project

A broad definition of diversity requires a broad look at MIT’s diversity history. To ensure that we adequately represent the depth and breadth of the MIT community, we are undertaking a diversity history project. As a first step in this project, supported by a Graduate Community Fellowship through the Office of the Dean of Graduate Education, we have begun to compile information about diverse constituency groups. The documents linked below are the beginning of this project. They are in-progress timelines meant to highlight documented milestones and significant events. They are not intended to imply any particular interpretation of these events, but rather to create broader awareness of MIT’s rich history.

Timelines written to date:

  1. Black Community
  2. LGBTQ Community
  3. People With Disabilities
  4. Religious Groups
  5. Women at MIT

To ensure this is a comprehensive process, you are invited to submit links and/or documents that you believe are significant. Please do so by writing to the ICEO Webmasters.