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Wesley Harris

I am Wesley Harris. This is My Story

As the Associate Provost for Faculty Equity, my challenge, which I accept as an opportunity, is to make sure that faculty of color that we invite here is given every opportunity to show their gifts, to engage in this enterprise, to make sure that we are pulling the rest of the world to higher levels of scholarship. 

There are, there are many pebbles in the road at MIT, occasionally there are boulders in the road at MIT. And you will need to have a, a network, a adviser, mentor, friend, colleague, who will help you to find the size of the pebble or the boulder, and maybe even put his or her shoulder to the road, to help move the pebble or boulder aside. It will not necessarily be a smooth ride. But then again, I think that's true of any leading academic institution. 

As a senior faculty member, or a senior staff person at MIT, you don't have to look very far to find an opportunity to help someone. It may be a student, or another colleague, another faculty member. But there's always a way to, let's say move those pebbles, or push those boulders aside, to be clear about the requirements, the expectations of MIT, and at the same time to offer a path forward to achieve those expectations, those goals. 

You don't have to look far. There are so many people here who will gladly accept your advice and council, and your friendship, and your ability to serve as a serious creative mentor. So faculty of color, there is support. You're going to find a very challenging environment, sometimes on edge, but you also will find a very, very rich, dynamic environment.  

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