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The purpose of this site is to engage the MIT community in dialogue and action which promotes an increasingly inclusive community. This site will grow as faculty, students, staff and alums add resources, share stories and engage in dialogue. Discuss, Share, Act!


The Stories by Department

Aeronautics and Astronautics

Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris Associate Provost for Faculty Equity
"As the Associate Provost for Faculty Equity, my challenge is to make sure that faculty members of color whom we invite here are given every opportunity to show their gifts."

Campus Activities

Aaron Donaghey
Aaron Donaghey Events Planning Assistant
"People look at me and. . .are shocked that wow, he's working a full-time job and he's paralyzed. . . . I open a lot of peoples' eyes to what goes on around here."

Dean of Undergraduate Education

Sharon Bridburg
Sharon Bridburg Director of Human Resources
"I feel very fortunate to have worked at MIT through the period when I was starting a family"

Division of Student Life

Abigail Francis
Abigail Francis LBGT Services
"I saw a position posted for LBGT Services and realized that that was a very new type of position."
Robert Randolph
Robert Randolph Chaplain to the Institute
"The biggest challenge with regard to religious life at MIT is simply keeping people talking to each other."

Human Resources

Alyce Johnson
Alyce Johnson Human Resources
"I work in a department that has a diversity of staff. I was not the only one and so that made it very comfortable for me to be me."

Linguistics and Philosophy

Sally Haslanger
Sally Haslanger Professor of Philosophy and Women's & Gender Studies
"At MIT there's a very profound commitment on the part of the administration to make a difference, to have a fair representation of women and minorities."

Medical Department

MIT Inventing Our Future
Diane Magnuson Manager of Diversity and Inclusion
"One of the challenges is recognizing my own biases and recognizing the things that I bring to the table."