These officers, committees, and offices promote diversity and inclusion at MIT, but every community member can play a role in advancing a respectful and caring community. Please feel free to reach out to the people listed below. We welcome your ideas for change, improvements, feedback, and other communications.

I. Officers, Directors, Managers, and Diversity Representatives

  1. Nasir Almasri, Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representative and Chair of Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Gloria Casilda Anglon, Assistant Dean, Diversity Initiatives, Office of Graduate Education
  3. Rev. Kirstin C. Boswell-Ford, Chaplain to the Institute
  4. Gustavo Burkett, Senior Associate Dean, Diversity & Community Involvement, Division of Student Life
  5. Kathleen Cahill, Associate Dean for Accessibility & Usability
  6. Beatriz Cantada, Program Director, Institute Community and Equity Office
  7. Chevalier Cleaves, Assistant to the Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Lincoln Laboratory
  8. La-Tarri Canty, Associate Dean of Intercultural Engagement/SPXCE Intercultural Center
  9. DiOnetta Jones Crayton, Associate Dean and Director, Office of Minority Education
  10. Nina Davis-Millis, Director of Community Support, MIT Libraries
  11. Nina DeAgrela, Assistant Dean, Multicultural Programs
  12. Catherine Gamon, Director of Student Life, Sloan School of Management
  13. Gerardo Garcia-Rios, Associate Dean & Co-Director, Student Support Services
  14. Eboney Hearn, Executive Director, Office of Engineering Outreach Programs
  15. Kelly Imberman, Executive Director, Human Resources, Sloan School of Management
  16. Maryanne Kirkbride, Executive Administrator, MindHandHeart, MIT Medical
  1. Diane Magnuson, MIT Medical Manager of Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Libby Mahaffy, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Office of Human Resources
  3. Kate McCarthy, Associate Dean, Student Support &Wellbeing, Division of Student Life
  4. Lauryn McNair, Assistant Director of Intercultural Engagement for LBGTQ+ Services, LBGTQ+ Services at MIT
  5. Kathleen Monagle, Associate Dean, Student Disability Services
  6. Emily Neill, Program Manager, Program in Women’s and Gender Studies
  7. Monica Orta, Assistant Director of Diversity and Student Support, Program in Media Arts and Sciences
  8. Bhaskar Pant, Executive Director, MIT Professional Education
  9. Kwadwo Poku, Manager of Diversity Recruitment and Initiatives, School of Architecture and Planning
  10. Sarah Rankin, Director and Title IX Coordinator
  11. Agustin Rayo, Associate Dean, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  12. Elliott Richman, HR Manager of Disability Services
  13. Mandana Sassanfar, Lecturer and Diversity Coordinator, Department of Biology and Center for Brains, Minds and Machines
  14. Jill Soucy, Senior Director, Human Resources & Strategic Talent Management
  15. Danielle Geathers, Undergraduate Association Assistant Officer on Diversity
  16. Elizabeth Wood, Professor of History and Interim Director of Women’s and Gender Studies
  17. Mary Ziegler, Program Manager of Online Accessibility, Office of Digital Learning

II. Committees (centrally sponsored and those reporting to units)

IV. Other Resources

  1. Leading for Change Consortium (statewide)
  2. MyLife Services
  3. Soulstrong: Portraits of Resilience
  4. Sloan Diversity and Community Committee (Available to members of the Sloan School; other MIT community members can access these pages by following the instructions to create a MySloan account.)


  • Section I includes only those people at the level of Director, Manager, Associate Dean or above, or who are not otherwise represented through their offices in Section III.
  • The committees and other organizations listed in Section II are resources to their constituencies. The listing is presented for informational purposes only.
  • For additions, corrections, or updates to this list, please contact

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