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Basketball Court with Black Lives Matter written

How brands can advocate with authenticity in an issue-driven world

Structural investment combined with issue fluency is the hallmark of firms that are “living their values” instead of sinking into “brand purgatory.”

During her research in Belize, Amy Moran-Thomas noted that some with diabetes, when talking of the diabetes epidemic, would invoke Hurricane Hattie (which ravaged their country in 1961) as a metaphor for slow health changes that can suddenly erupt into a full-blown crisis. "In many ways," she says, "the chronic wear on both the planet and on people is accumulating like a gathering storm."

On planetary change and human health

MIT anthropologist Amy Moran-Thomas reflects on the deep connection between planetary and human well-being.

Photo of Cacti.

How to have productive conversations about race at work

Conversations about race and racism can be uncomfortable, but they’re necessary for an equitable and inclusive workplace.

At the heart of this work is the imperative to humanize the people involved directly in the conflict: to keep the perspective of human experience and suffering in the picture, rather than only the contentious questions. Almasri champions the view that that everyone deserves dignity and respect for their identity in the fight for equal rights.

For cultural and political conflicts, a humanizing imperative

Political science PhD candidate Nasir Almasri studies conflicts that emerge at the intersection of politics and religious traditions, with a focus on humanizing those involved.

4 of 8 - They hail from academia, startups, large technology companies, venture capital and beyond

8 Leading Women In The Field Of AI

As entrepreneurs, academic researchers, industry executives, venture capitalists and more, these women are shaping the future of artificial intelligence.

MIT student Robert Koirala evaluated data about the efficacy of Ek Kadam Aur’s Train the Trainers program that helps adults provide additional academic mentorship to students.

MISTI shifts to fully remote global internships and cultural experiences amid pandemic

MIT students Robert Koirala and Grace Smith intern for a nonprofit promoting educational and health equity in India.

Danielle Grey-Stewart, an MIT senior majoring in materials science and engineering, is a fierce believer that public service and engineering go hand in hand.

An engineering student expands her focus

For senior Danielle Grey-Stewart, a pivotal experience away from campus led to a new sense of purpose at MIT.

Valencia Joyner Koomson is interested in how we can make electrical systems into useful forms that improve people’s lives, from portable sensors and wearable devices that allow people to monitor their health outside the clinical setting, to miniaturized systems that measure communications between growing cells.

Q&A: Valencia Joyner Koomson ’98, MNG ’99 on new possibilities in microelectronic health systems

MLK Visiting Scholar focuses on microelectronics for cell analysis and biomedical applications.

Dr. Mareena Robinson Snowden, Dr. Shardé M. Davis, Dr. James Mickens

Straight talk about race in academia

MIT-hosted panel delves into ongoing challenges for Black scholars — and ways for everyone in university settings to start making a difference.

Ojibwe Elder Duke Redbird delivered the keynote address during the Indigenous Digital Delegation.

Indigenous knowledge and technology at MIT: “Is it wise?”

A week of workshops, lab visits, and pairings matched Indigenous delegates with relevant labs and researchers across MIT.

The software and data quality engineering company Ultranauts has embraced a neurodiverse team to provide better services to clients. This image shows various illustrated portraits of Ultranauts team members

Leveraging the power of neurodiversity

The startup Ultranauts offers software and data quality engineering services with a team made up mostly of people on the autism spectrum.

MBA student Brittny Chong pitches her startup ONA at the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition in 2019. Photo: Courtesy Brittny Chong

A Passion for Positive Change

Brittny Chong seeks social action through immersive technologies and data analytics.

Julia Abramovich

This KPMG principal leads a team to accelerate women’s careers

“I never expected any breaks, so everything had to be earned.”

For MIT senior Mimi Wahid, exploring her identity through writing has increased her passion for environmental justice and clarified her desire to serve rural Southern communities like her hometown.

A storyteller dedicated to environmental justice

Exploring her identity through writing has clarified senior Mimi Wahid’s desire to serve rural Southern communities like her hometown.

Thomas Searles, a condensed matter physicist and MLK Scholar at MIT, hopes to encourage more HBCU students to pursue graduate study at MIT. “If there’s anything that I can do to help with that ... I think that would be awesome.”

For Thomas Searles, a passion for people and science at HBCUs and MIT

Physicist and Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar is examining the optical properties of semimetals to understand how light interacts with quantum materials.

Women at an MIT hackathon in 2018

MIT celebrates Women's Entrepreneurship Month

Innovation and entrepreneurship organizations campus-wide celebrate MIT's female entrepreneurs in November.

Angela Davis, Oct 21 2020

Activist and scholar Angela Davis addresses racism in MIT webcast

Davis, in conversation with Senior Associate Dean Blanche Staton, fields questions from the MIT community about the current moment of racial reckoning.

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For entrepreneurs of color, Boston lacks access and capital

From venture capital to city contracts, opportunity is limited for minority-owned enterprises in Boston.

Mapping Blackness cover

Meet Carla LynDale Bishop: MIT & Black Public Media's Inaugural Joint Fellowship Recipient

This new fellowship opportunity is a result of a strong partnership between ODL and Black Public Media that commenced over a year ago, and MIT CAST, which makes artist residencies at MIT possible.

Student organizers of the Get Out the Vote Fest participate in the "voter mobilization festival" held on Oct. 11.

Get Out the Vote Fest attracts 1,000 viewers ahead of November election

MIT student groups come together to host “voter mobilization festival” featuring Institute leaders, famed artists, and elected officials.