3/7/2017Featured video: Random acts of kindness

For RAK Week, community members dole out free hugs, snacks, and other kind acts.More
2/27/20173Q: Suzy Nelson on protections for transgender students at MIT

The Institute’s nondiscrimination policies will continue to offer vital protections for MIT’s transgender community, says the vice president and dean for student life.More
2/15/2017MIT and 16 others file amicus brief concerning executive order restricting travel to US

Universities argue that the ability to welcome students and scholars from all countries is critical to their educational missions.More
2/10/20173 Questions: Emma Teng on “China Comes to Tech”

New exhibit delves into history of Chinese students at MIT.More
2/16/2017Discrimination affects us all.

Celebration of MLK features NASA mission manager Aprille Joy Ericsson ’86.More
1/30/2017President L. Rafael Reif, Letters to the Community.

Update regarding Executive Order, thoughts on moving forward. More
12/20/2017Newest MindHandHeart Innovation Fund projects build community and resilience

Grants totaling $21,450 were awarded to seven proposals in MindHandHeart’s fourth funding cycle. More
12/15/16Pick an issue and dive in!

Veterans of civil rights movement urge students to join ongoing battle against injustice. More
12/07/16Nuclear engineering student advocates for change on campus and Capitol Hill

Senior Rasheed Auguste is fueled by passions for science, policy, and creating a more inclusive MIT. More
12/03/16Letter to the community reaffirming MIT's support for students

In President Reif's message of November 9, he reminded us that, “Whatever may change in Washington ... it will not change the values and mission that unite us.” More
11/29/16MIT Reads hosts author Janet Mock

Shared reading sparks timely conversation about gender, race, and community. More
11/22/16“Uniting through Voice and Song” event celebrates values that connect the MIT community

On the evening of Nov. 17, MIT faculty, staff, and students came together to affirm — through words and music — the enduring values and purposes that unite the community. More
11/17/16Apollo code developer Margaret Hamilton receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Former School of Engineering and Lincoln Laboratory computing pioneer among 21 recipients of the nation’s highest civilian honor. More
11/16/16Scene at MIT: Election reflection

On the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 9, Lobby 7 became a place for the MIT community to quietly gather and reflect on the 2016 U.S. presidential election results. More
11/10/2016Letter to the MIT community regarding the new administration in Washington

This email was sent yesterday to the MIT community by President L. Rafael Reif.More
11/10/16My Sister's Keeper builds community for black women students at MIT

New organization aims to increase connections, mentoring, and success.

11/04/16MIT Football tackles diversity and inclusion conversations

Players’ protest begins wave of discussion.

10/11/16Celebrating pioneering women in STEM at the MIT Libraries

For Ada Lovelace Day, a look at 10 women in STEM history from MIT’s rare books collection.

9/14/2016Media Lab conference addresses gender bias, diversity, and inclusion in STEM

Megan Smith ’86, SM ’88 and other thought leaders offer advice to students on how women in STEM fields can develop skills for navigating life and work.
8/19/2016Libraries launch Institute-wide reading program

For the 2016-17 academic year, MIT Reads will explore the theme of diversity and inclusion.
8/01/2016$1 million gift to support diversity in STEM education

Gift from Hopper-Dean Foundation will enhance computer science and engineering programs for high school and middle school students.
7/22/2016Eboney Hearn '01 named director of MIT Office of Engineering Outreach Programs

Chemical engineering alumna with deep knowledge of the Institute will lead hallmark diversity program.
7/14/2016At open forum, MIT community discusses recent U.S. tragedies
More than 600 attend event emphasizing commitment to “stand together against injustice, intolerance, and hatred.” More
6/15/2016Why do women leave engineering?

Study: Group dynamics of teamwork and internships deter many women in the profession.
6/13/2016Letter from MIT President Rafael Reif regarding vigil for Orlando shooting victims
The shocking contrast reminds us to treasure the openness we strive for in our own community and to cherish every individual, as we reject the impulse to answer hate with hate. More
5/4/2016JJ Jackson joins MIT as diversity and inclusion officer

New position created to implement ideas from campus community in concert with Academic Council. More
5/3/2016All-MIT Diversity Forum highlights progress, challenges for campus community

Conference underscores collaboration by students, administration. More

4/13/2016MIT Libraries supports the rights and safety of LGBTQ individuals

We encourage community members to read MIT Libraries’ Statement, as well the MIT History Faculty Statement on Student Well-Being, Diversity, and Inclusion. We have much to celebrate in the power of inclusion at MIT, and many opportunities to advance a culture of caring and respect that empowers everyone.

3/24/2016Two sophomores champion MIT’s first Random Acts of Kindness Week

Free hugs, hot chocolate, compliments, bubbles — anyone walking across campus the first day back from spring break may encounter a small barrage of surprises during the inaugural Random Acts of Kindness Week (RAK) at MIT. More
3/4/2016Despite high achievements, undergraduate women at MIT are more likely to feel inferior, study finds

It’s hard to imagine the 8 percent of applicants who receive acceptance letters to MIT feeling inferior, but it’s a sentiment more common than one might think—especially among female students. More
2/25/2016Advocating for diversity: A Q&A with MBA student Ellen Rice Staten

The co-president of the MIT Black Graduate Student Association is on a mission to create healthier and more collaborative educational and working environments for MIT. More
02/25/2016Report on the Status of Undergraduate Women at MIT

Undergraduate students Caroline Chin and Kamilla Tekiela release a Report on the Status of Undergraduate Women at MIT. This multi-year effort assesses differences in academics, leadership, campus environment, and confidence. More
02/10/2016President Reif says that in driving social change, “students have become our teachers”

Reviving a tradition that was dormant for more than two decades, this year’s 42nd annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at MIT began with a silent march by several dozen students, faculty, staff, and administrators solemnly making their way from Lobby 7 to the annual luncheon at Walker Memorial Hall.

There, MIT President L. Rafael Reif began his introduction of the speakers by reminding the assembled crowd that here on campus, “this has been quite a year – an extraordinary year. On topics from race, inclusion and social justice, to climate change, this year our students have, in many ways, become our teachers.” More
12/9/2015Black student leaders present recommendations for a more inclusive MIT

Members of MIT’s Black Students’ Union (BSU) and the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) believe that at a moment of great national pain around the question of how black and other minority students experience life at universities, MIT has an opportunity and an obligation to take a firm stand in favor of inclusion. Toward that end, they are working together with MIT’s senior administration to find ways to make MIT more welcoming and inclusive for all. More
12/1/2015Senior Alyssa Napier dedicates herself to improving MIT

Napier, a senior chemistry major and linguistics minor with a powerful sense of social justice, has thrown herself into numerous organizations and committees dedicated to improving life at MIT. Her passion for activism has inspired her to try new approaches to familiar problems, such as organizing a dialogue between local police and the students of Black Lives Matter, and initiating conversations about what MIT culture means to students, faculty, and staff. More
10/29/2015MIT receives national recognition from the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

The Institute tops a cadre of 105 schools for “extraordinary efforts” in advancing the association’s mission. More
10/10/2015At work, it's what people CAN do that matters.

The Campaign for Disability Employment is a collaborative effort to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities by encouraging employers and others to recognize the value and talent they bring to the workplace.
9/2/15The MindHandHeart Initiative is tapping into our passionate community spirit and innovative problem-solving skills to enhance mental health and well-being at MIT.

Students, faculty, staff, and mental health and wellness experts are working together to launch promising new efforts and coordinate existing support services. More
6/15/2016Why do women leave engineering?

Study: Group dynamics of teamwork and internships deter many women in the profession.
6/5/15Abigail Francis poses social justice questions in TheTech: INTUITIVELY OBVIOUS: The time is right: social justice at MIT

What would it take to have our staff and faculty match the diversity of our undergraduate student body? More
5/21/15Melissa Nobles named dean of SHASS. Political scientist and department head to lead School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

MIT President L. Rafael Reif says. “Professor Nobles offers us a vision of the humanities, arts, and social sciences as the human stage on which our scientific and technical solutions have purpose and meaning."
5/5/15Tell me about your day, MIT. White "TMAYD" wristbands are being distributed by a first-year student who wants to warm up campus interactions.

How do you launch a cultural shift at an institution? If you’re first-year MIT student Isabel "Izzy" Lloyd, you start with wristbands. Lloyd recently launched Tell Me About Your Day (TMAYD), a new wristband campaign and acronym that she hopes the MIT community will fully adopt.

“People at MIT are so focused on their work and bettering themselves that we often don’t take the time to show that we care about other people,” says Lloyd, whose white TMAYD wristbands are a hard-to-miss symbol of community and caring. By wearing the wristbands, students and faculty alike show that they are available to talk or offer support. More
4/10/15The Center for Bilingual/Bicultural Studies is pleased to announce the winners of the Isabelle de Courtivron Prize for 2015.

Both of this year’s winners take emotional journeys through space and time.

Vivian Tran was awarded first prize for “In the Ticks and Talks,” a powerful memoir about the changing relationship between a Chinese grandmother and her Chinese-American granddaughter. Judges were impressed by Tran’s ability to weave together different stories into a “memorable autobiographical narrative that is eloquent about culture."

Caleb Lin was awarded second prize for his poem "From Beijing to Beijing.” Called "vibrant, intriguing and evocative” by one judge, the poem uses vivid language and pop culture references to transport the reader from the outer rings of Beijing to Tiananmen Square.
2/19/15Solving diversity’s branding problem

Diversity has a branding problem. MIT Sloan assistant professor of marketing Renée Richardson Gosline challenges future leaders to change the stigma around diversity and contribute to a climate of inclusion.

“A lot of times when you mention diversity, you get a couple of reactions. Either the glazed over look or people are paying close attention," she said. "When you get the glazed over look, you’re not reaching your potential audience.” More
2/17/2015Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship Launched by SHASS

MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS) has welcomed three outstanding PhD students from other universities to campus this year through the SHASS Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship. Candidates receive stipends and are paired with faculty advisors to help them complete their dissertations.

The three students chosen for this inaugural fellowship year are: Shermaine Jones, from the University of Virginia; Rosa Martinez, from the University of California at Berkeley; and Theresa Rojas, from Ohio State University. More
2/27/2015Diversity challenging not just tech companies but universities too (Ethan Zuckerman and Chelsea Barabas, theconversation.com)

Last week, MIT released a report that closely examines the state of diversity within the university... Releasing the report was a brave move for the university. It provides a frank and realistic evaluation of where MIT stands in the heated debate concerning diversity and inclusion in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. More
2/13/2015Our judgments are shaped by biases: Keynote speaker Renée Richardson Gosline shares insights on preconceptions at Institute Diversity Summit. (MIT News Office)

“Our judgments are shaped by biases,” Gosline said — and those preconceptions can be remarkably persistent even when they are clearly and demonstrably false. The persistence of these biases makes it difficult to achieve a more fair and inclusive workplace and society, she said, even for well-meaning people who are sincerely trying to do so. More

2/12/2015 Report outlines path to greater campus inclusiveness: Institute Community and Equity Officer releases report aimed at fostering culture of respect and caring. (MIT News Office)

Today — after interviewing hundreds of faculty, staff, students, postdocs, and alumni, as well as conducting extensive research on practices both at MIT and at its peer institutions — Bertschinger has released a 132-page report that includes a wide array of recommendations for ways to increase the sense of collegiality and inclusion among the roughly 26,000 active members of the Institute community. More

2/12/2015 Letter from Provost Martin A. Schmidt

The report offers an encouraging view of many aspects of our life as community, while also detailing areas for further attention. A number of the ideas in the report would involve the whole community and require serious commitments of time and resources; as we consider the full suite of recommendations, we are eager for your insights and reactions. More

2/05/2015 MLK Luncheon speakers call for more action (MIT News Office)

Annual gathering reflects frustration over racial profiling, calls for more involvement by MIT community. More

12/11/2014 MIT community engages in dialogue on race (MIT News Office)

Members of the MIT community stood outside in a silent protest as a cold drizzle fell, many of them clad in black T-shirts displaying the words “#Black Lives Matter.” A few hours later, some 400 members of the MIT community — including about 100 who overflowed Wong Auditorium — participated in a dialogue on race at MIT that featured a panel discussion, as well as smaller group sessions. More

8/29/2014Transformative conversations (MIT News Office)

ICEO community gathering responds to Ferguson. Disruption. Love. Taking responsibility for our society. More
4/30/2014Women's and Gender Studies "Women-in-STEM Edit-a-thon" honors former MIT President Charles Vest (MIT News Office)

The contributions of women to the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields gained some additional visibility on Wikipedia this spring. More
1/28/2014Good ideas come from anyone, anywhere (MIT News Office)

MIT Diversity Summit celebrates inclusion and meritocracy.More
1/15/2014MIT to hold 2014 Institute Diversity Summit (MIT News Office)

Three-day summit to feature keynote from motivational speaker, diversity workshops, and a documentary on a civil rights activist. More
6/20/2013Edmund Bertschinger appointed as Institute Community and Equity Officer (MIT News Office)

Edmund Bertschinger, a physicist who has led both his department and the Institute to foster a culture of inclusion, will become MIT’s Institute Community and Equity Officer (ICEO). The new position will focus on matters of community, equity, inclusion and diversity on campus. More

1/31/2013Addressing the complexities of meritocracy (MIT News Office)

Goals of equality and inclusion are not enough, research shows, as MIT’s annual Diversity Summit seeks ways to further improve a merit-based environment. More
11/18/2013Finding ‘rising stars’ in EECS (MIT News Office)

MIT-hosted conference encourages the top women studying electrical engineering and computer science nationwide to become professors. More
4/11/2013MIT faculty reflect on accomplishments, challenges in area of faculty equity (MIT News Office)

Professors Wesley L. Harris, Barbara Liskov assess the state of faculty-diversity efforts at the Institute. More
4/11/2013President Reif writes to MIT community regarding new Institute Community and Equity Officer (MIT News Office)

One of my goals as president is to cultivate a caring community focused on MIT’s shared values of excellence, meritocracy, openness, integrity and mutual respect. I also want to help the entire MIT community to draw strength and energy from our extraordinary diversity of experiences and backgrounds. To advance that vision, I am creating a new position, to be filled by a member of the faculty — the Institute Community and Equity Officer, or ICEO. More