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Grants Program

 Grants Program


There are two proposal cycles with submission deadlines of November 1 and March 1. Please contact the CRD Co-chairs with questions at crd-chairs@mit.edu.
CRD grant proposals are organized along five core themes that are intended to provide a diversity of event options, offer learning opportunities for all those involved, and ensure that the grantees and CRD learn from the experience. Each funding proposal must indicate the core theme to which the activity pertains. A group or office can submit only one proposal per core theme per academic year.
Career Development (Professional/Scholar)
Includes workshops, conferences, and colloquia, but venues must be open to the MIT community.
Example: NSBE Annual Convention
Collaborative Immersion
Programs involving students collaborating with alumni, faculty, and/or staff in hands-on event planning and implementation.
ExampleChocolate City Faculty Reception
Community-based Initiatives
Programs establish new or deeper connections between MIT and off-site constituencies (i.e. MIT10, potential students volunteering in surrounding communities, etc.), especially with those that MIT has not connected in the past.
Example: Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists (MAES) Science Extravaganza
Expanding Outlooks (Social/Political/Cultural)
Includes recruitment events, forums, and arts-oriented projects.
Example: Black Week
Leading Outward
Based on the "leading upward" model, these programs train participants in leadership skills, particularly around diversity and inclusion, for later dissemination to the MIT community
Example: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) National Institute for Leadership Advancement Conference 

To apply for funding from the CRD, please submit an Application Form to crd-chairs@mit.edu.


If you need help with event publicity, read our tips.


Upon event completion, please submit a Final Report to crd-chairs@mit.edu.