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You’ve been meaning to come since last summer, but things were just too busy. You heard they were great – good vibe, good music, cheese to die for, and that fresh mango! Not to mention the crisp rose or chest warming red. Well, it’s summah time and now that the livin is a little easier, this could be your chance – the WGS community gathering you finally make it to! Though we’ve all scattered and it feels quiet, the murmurs of our irrepressible community are pulsing through the empty halls.- follow your instincts all the way to Building 14 to reconnect and stay for a bit! Sit down with someone you’ve been meaning to get to know a little better, bring a friend you think would like to meet the vibrant but laid back and welcoming vibe that is WGS, and stay connected to those you know and love at MIT, and those you’ve yet to meet- I don’t really see a downside to your attending, do you? Good, it’s settled then.

We hope to see you there THIS Thursday

July 27

RSVP Emily Neill

Events are open to all community members. We welcome people of every identity, ability/disability, and background, and will strive to meet all needs for full participation.