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l_korley-at-workPlease join us for an MLK Luncheon featuring Visiting Professor LaShanda Korley, Department of Chemistry.

Room W11-190 (located at the corner of Mass. Ave. and Amherst St.)

Please RSVP to Shauna Bush-Fenty, sfenty@mit.edu

Taking cues from biological systems, we are interested in understanding the design rules employed by Nature and applying these strategies to the development of mechanically-enhanced and tunable materials.  Of particular interest is:

1) the layered configuration and synergistic mechanics of nacre,

2) the architecture, building blocks, and manufacturing of spider silk, and

3) the composite structure and reinforcement of wood.  With this bio-inspired mechanical framework, our research projects in responsive composites, advanced film and fiber manufacturing, and polymer-peptide hybrids will be highlighted.



Events are open to all community members. We welcome people of every identity, ability/disability, and background, and will strive to meet all needs for full participation.