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The Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL) welcomes Dr. Calvin Lai, Director of Research, Project Implicit — Department of Psychology, Harvard University, as its next DUET Seminar Series speaker. Dr. Lai will discuss implicit bias and strategies for combating these biases in our teaching.

Conscious experience provides an immediate, compelling, and incomplete account of mental life. Much of perception, thinking, and action is shaped by mental activity that occurs outside of conscious awareness or conscious control. Because of that, judgment and action can be unintentionally influenced by factors that we do not recognize, and may not value.

There will be three parts to the session: (1) demonstrations of perceptual and cognitive illusions illustrating that we don’t have complete access to or control over our own minds, (2) examples of how this can translate to social judgment of ourselves and others, and (3) research evidence and implications for diversity and inclusion in teaching.


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