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When it comes to rural America, stereotypes abound. We often miss the innovation, resilience, and revitalization that is happening every day in communities across the country.

MIT Sloan’s Barb Dyer and Simon Johnson will lead a conversation with those who are taking on the very notion of an American divide in Maine, Wisconsin, Virginia and other rural communities.

Four exciting leaders, long experienced in community and economic development, will share their stories to help us understand their local economies and the American divide from their perspectives:

Betsy Biemann, CEO of Maine Coastal Enterprises, Inc;
Kelly Ryan, CEO of Incourage Community Foundation in Wisconsin Rapids;
Karl Stauber, CEO of Danville Regional Foundation, Danville Virginia;
Janet Topolsky, ExDir of the Community Strategies Group, Aspen Institute.

What can we at MIT do to deepen our understanding of these places and economic contexts?  This round-table will address what MIT brings to the table: innovation and technology, and the implications of globalization.

Light food will be offered starting at 5:30 pm.

Events are open to all community members. We welcome people of every identity, ability/disability, and background, and will strive to meet all needs for full participation.