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How would you create a hiring process that overcomes racial or ethnic bias? How would you improve relations between police and the communities they serve? How would you use technology to reduce the occurrence and impact of online harassment?

Join us at the Breaking the Mold Hackathon!

The hackathon will bring together diverse teams and skillsets to tackle some of the most pressing issues of the moment around the issues of diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias. We need your talent AND your passion to make this event as impactful at possible.

Ready to Hack?! Registration: https://breakingthemoldhackathon2017.eventbrite.com/

Need more information? http://mitbreakingthemold.com

Still have questions? breakingthemold@mit.edu

Events are open to all community members. We welcome people of every identity, ability/disability, and background, and will strive to meet all needs for full participation.