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Would you like to retain and advance excellent faculty, especially women? Do you sometimes worry that your decisions may not be completely free of implicit (unconscious) bias? Do you catch yourself allowing a stereotype to define your perceptions or judgments? Would you like to break the bias habit?

This workshop provides a vocabulary for talking about and recognizing implicit gender bias, and presents evidence-based strategies to reduce their impact and thus facilitate a more equitable and productive faculty experience.

A major advance in bias research is the ability to measure implicit bias. To make the workshop more personally relevant, participants will be asked to complete an on-line activity, the Implicit Association Test (IAT), a few days prior to the workshop. The workshop will provide information about how to interpret the IAT and understand how it measures unintended forms of bias.

In 2 1/2 hours, the Breaking the Bias Habit® workshop will:

  • Describe the effects of implicit (unconscious) gender bias on women in academic science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM);
  • Present evidence that implicit gender bias is a real phenomenon with real consequences for both men and women;
  • Introduce you to 6 common ways that gender bias manifests itself in academic STEMM workplaces;
  • Provide 5 strategies that you can use in your everyday life to reduce gender bias.

Events are open to all community members. We welcome people of every identity, ability/disability, and background, and will strive to meet all needs for full participation.