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This Committee's charge was written by MIT President Charles M. Vest in February 1994 and has guided its programs and goals ever since. CRD is charged with fostering better relations among diverse racial and cultural groups at MIT and helping the community realize the benefits of its cultural and racial diversity. In carrying out this charge, the committee was asked to assume these responsibilities:

  • Stimulate and coordinate a systematic action agenda for improving race relations within the MIT community, including programs, events, and activities that foster appreciation of the many races and cultures at MIT (inside and outside the classroom), and/or that are designed to help eliminate bigotry or prejudice on campus.
  • Develop, maintain, and promote a monthly calendar of campus activities and events directly involving or relating to issues of race relations, and serve as a clearinghouse of information on such activities.
  • Develop and distribute a resource guide containing information on various services, programs, individuals and organizations that can be of help in promoting positive race relations for the MIT campus.
  • Administer a modest grants program to support projects and activities that promote multicultural understanding and positive race relations within the MIT community. The committee should publicize the availability of the grants each fall, receive and review proposals, and make awards. Primary emphasis will be on activities proposed by students or student groups. However, any member or group within the MIT community (students, faculty, and staff) is eligible to receive such grants, although these funds should not be seen as a substitute for expenditures that departments would ordinarily be making.

Members of the committee are appointed by the president from among the faculty, students, staff of MIT and include people with different racial and cultural backgrounds. The committee does not attempt to reflect the full diversity of the MIT population in its membership, but rather works with the various racial and ethnic groups to develop an overview of issues and concerns, as well as opportunities for promoting better relations on campus.