Blacks at MIT History Project

The Blacks at MIT History Project began in October 1995. It is important to venture back in time, to search for evidence of the role of blacks at MIT — and about the experience of blacks at MIT since the Institute first opened its doors in 1865.

The project’s continuing objective is to place the black experience at MIT in its full and appropriate context, by researching and disseminating a varied set of materials and by exposing a larger community of interests—both inside and outside MIT—to this rich, historically significant legacy.

Project members are doing research in the Institute Archives, the MIT Museum, and other sources, for a pictorial and narrative catalogue on the black experience at MIT.

Additionally, the project team is conducting oral history video interviews with black tenured faculty at MIT. The videos explore each faculty member’s passion for what he or she does, involving their professional fields, their research and teaching, and their personal journey. How did they become who they are? What was the path that led them to MIT? The videos will be part of a web-based history, with multimedia access by the public, with particular outreach to young people.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Clarence G. Williams
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Adjunct Professor of Urban Studies & Planning, Emeritus
and Former Special Assistant To the President
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Building N52-405
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Phone: 617-653-5903